Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day! Well it has been 4 months since I blogged. I can't even remember the stories behind half of these pictures : ). Can I just complain about the iphone for one second. It has only one flaw that I can see so far and that is that it will not let you edit the pictures when they have been transferred to the computer. Boo. The past four months has been CRAZY. I took 18 credit hours which sucked! We went to Peru and we bought our first house to flip.

                               David sent me a sweet letter on Valentines day (he was out of town).

Channing started going to Terras while I was at school. She loved it while she was there : ). We had to end up switching her to another babysitter because of her allergies but she had so much fun playing.

We went to Seewee downtown and Channing rode her first pony. She was all about it! It was so cute watching how tiny she was and how good she naturally was.

                   Channing loves her friend Georgi she has a blast trying to keep up with her : )

                                   Look at these sweet little toes! She let me paint her toenails.

My friend Kathryn sent Channing a birthday present she loves playing with them.

Kristin was in town and we went and ate lunch with her and she gave Channing some cute clothes.

This little missy knows how to drive!

On my birthday week David got me a present every day! The first day I got some new under garments.
The next day mama got makeup, hair product, and fingernail polish.
Then we went out to eat for Free International Pancake day. Channing wouldn't eat her syrup and pancake she only wanted fruit.

The next day I got new tank tops! They aren't tank tops they just go around around the top so you don't have to have nasty tank top lines.

Channing loves her girl time. Channing loves Baylee they are so sweet to each other when they have play dates.

Laughing at each other already. Mollie and I are usually chatting in the other room and when we look up they are always into something.

Aunt Heidi sent Channing a gift she was so excited about the duck! She kept carrying it around saying duck.

I was in the other room putting away laundry and for once in my life I thought Channing was actually watching some tv. I called my mom because I was so excited thinking that she would watch some tv and I would be able to do some chores. She walked back in the room and then when we walked out of her room I saw whole diaper bag thrown everywhere. Every pack of gum I had was torn apart and all the gum was chewed and thrown all over the ground...awesome.

snuggled with CoCo

First beach day!

She found a crab leg...and chewed on child teethed on a crab leg

Saint patricks day! We went to the beach, a party, downtown, and then out to Mexican.
Channing loves rocks....

The fountains downtown were dyed green : )
Out to eat with the family and Mckay was home visiting!!!

                                        Dan got his mission call he is going to Italy!